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What you’ll be doing:


The following is a textual description of fully fleshed out basic gameplay, to be fully materialized within in the game in January. It is not intended to match the video above. The video above what the basic environment and gameplay will look like.

Moving: Moving in a 3D environment will be done by both players coordinating their left stick inputs. For example, to go forward both players will need to lean their input sticks forward. To turn tank control style, players must alternate their inputs.

Swinging: Players will melee obstructions and enemies as one. To do this, they will need to match their boat direction and press the RT. Each player can attack individually and together, each will have a different effect on what they hit.

Equipment: Players will share control of the inventory/equip screen. Each player will have an in game avatar that can be customized though oars and hats. each of which can grant buff and abilities for the entire boat as a whole. However, in order to equip these items, players must take turns handling the inventory screen. In order to change control of the equip screen, the person currently in control of the buttons must give up control to the other player with a button press. In order to close the screen, both players must press a button to indicate they are done.

Key items: Players will have Key Items which can be used with LT. Each key item can only be used by one player at a time, and equipped though the equipment screen. They are simple tools such as a map, objective list, Compass and more. However players will later be able to use their items together to create useful effects. For example, using the compass and the map will tell the players where on the map the current objective is.

Throwing: There is an option to throw any item in their inventory, this takes up the slot where their key item would have gone. the direction in which they throw it is dependent on the direction the players want to throw the item.


The art so far