January 2018 - May 2018

Role: LEad Programmer


Experience: Ready Action Driver is the most complete and successful project I have ever worked on to date. It is an culmination of the technical and design skills that I have accumulated at Columbia College Chicago. The same team worked previously on a project to create a game titled Toasted. I resumed my usual team role as Lead Programmer programming the entire game in C#, while also contributing to mechanics balancing and design. Unlike Toasted, we had fleshed out Ready Action Driver and iterated it through a series of meetings in early January. Over the semester, we simplified where we could, without sacrificing core gameplay. This game-making experience helped me realize the importance of simplicity and interest curves.

Gameplay: Ready Action Driver is a 1 Vs 1 competitive action arcade game. The main gameplay loop involve both players steering two bikes that produce a long luminous trail. Each player must force the other player to collide with this trail in order to win. There are also 2 secondary mechanics, the boost and the shield. When used at the right time these can be used to create momentary advantages that lead to victory.


In engine sreen shot of the game

In engine sreen shot of the game

Uploaded by Ian's Design on 2018-05-10.

Round start


Players are given an initial boost at the beginning to create an initial interest spike at the beginning of each round.



The Boost allows for a player to gain an extra burst of speed when needed.



Players are given one Shield that will take a hit from an opponents trail.

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