Puzzle Rooms

December 2015

Role: School Project


Experience: This is my first project at Columbia College Chicago. It was created to display the various programming skills that I had acquired during an intensive 3 month game programming course. This is included here as it is a good career marker, showing my early work and marking my ongoing progress as a Game Designer.

Gameplay: This project is a bit confusing game-play wise, because the entire game isn’t focused on the core mechanics themselves. The end goal is to complete each unique “room”. In fact, I don’t think there are any core mechanics other than walking around and jumping. All of these various “Rooms” make up for the lack of a strong and unique core mechanic. It also has the extremely harsh penalty of starting the entire game over if the player fails once, which doesn’t make for good intrinsic motivation.

Unity Editor display of project

Unity Editor display of project


Room 1

This room is the maze room, the totem is hidden somewhere inside the maze. Players must find the totem while running away from an enemy constantly chasing them through out the maze. If the monster catches them, they must automatically start the game over. 


room 2

This room is the riddle room, players will have to choose between two objects on pedestals. If they choose the right one then they will be able to advance down the hallway. If not, then they will be forced to restart the game. the totem will be at the end of the the small hallway. 


Room 3

This is the portal room, if a player goes through one colored portal they will come out the other. Players will need to get to the top in order to collect the totem there.


Room 4

This is the platform puzzle room, players must get to the other side of the room to collect the totem. If the player falls into the red pit, then they must restart the entire game. 


End of Game

If the player manages to get all of the totems then they will get this display message.