October 2018 - May 2019

Role: Level Designer

Experience: I worked on Otrhoiso as a Level Designer. Utilizing a level editor tool set they have made, and certain design principles they put into place. It has been an incredible opportunity, allowing me to collaborate with people outside of my usual network of students. Otrhoiso is also the most complete game I’ve worked since my previous, now completed project, Ready Action Driver. I feel that this current project helped me grow as a designer and gave me some insight into the kind of people I will be working with in Southern California.

Gameplay: Othoiso is a literal perspective changing puzzle game. Players use camera perspectives and other minor mechanics to reach the key placed in every level. My role on the Orthoiso team is a Level Designer, but I also assist the team when they need my input as a trained Game Designer. So far not much of the game has been made public. The only things made public are a few concept art images and a short game play demo.

Final Gameplay Demo

Excerpt about the gameplay from the official web sight:

The player can see the world through three fixed orthogonal views where everything that looks like real can really happen. The player needs to move and reach the goal in a commonly impossible way using the optical illusions in the corresponding view.