Game Ideas

These are some game ideas I have, most of which I probably wont fallow through but there are a few games I would like to make.

Game Ideas: 

DoughKnights: Doing awesome doughnuts in a car to defeat monsters, while charging a super meter.

Super Jump: Jumping from roof top to roof top by holding down a button and pointing direction. 

Omega Team Force: 5 Player game in which each player must control a limp of a giant robot to defeat a boss monster.

Charles Dewby: Outlaw Ranger ; Similar to Xavier Renegade angel in tone, but Story like game play and decisions. 

Precision: The player must defeat a robot by listen to the order in which glowing parts make noise, like Simon.

Alpha Beta: VR, Gundam-esk mech flying and combat game. Can play between two parts, one flying other hand to hand combat.

Cams: Vr Game in which the player shuffles though security camera and activates traps. similar to night trap or five nights a freddies