As of today, I have completed my first week over at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD). So far the program seems extremely rewarding and can provide me the knowledge and experience I need to succeed in this industry. Although this program seems like it will be much harder than the old program I was in, but I know this time the pay off for the hard work will be even greater!

Working Hard

I am adjusting well to life in Orange County, It's nice to be in an area with so many opportunities for Game Developers. But just because there are many opportunists, doesn't mean their all mine for the taking. I need to work extra hard in-order to reach my dreams and desires, but I don't mind that. In fact I welcome, it the hard work I put in will make whatever job I end up at even more rewarding and pleasurable. Anyway, no major updates from my end. Still working as a programmer on a kick-starter campaign and we didn't make "game of the year" at the Rookies. But considering only four people worked on the game compared to entire game departments, I would say we did very well for ourselves. 

Thats all for now,

Ian R


I know its been a while since my last update, a combination of a Family Emergency, Finals, Graduating, and moving back home to Southern California has left me unable to blog for a while. However, I am pleased to announce that I will be attending Graduate School at Laguna College of Art and Design for the next 2 years. This is a major opportunity for me and will undoubtedly lead to other major opportunities beyond. From looking at the program itself, its looking like I will get a lot out of these next 2 years. I am also pleased to announce that Ready Action Driver, the senior capstone game I programmed, has been nominated Console/PC game of the year from the Rookies. This is yet another exiting opportunity for me that will lead to even more exiting opportunities in the future. 

Post GDC Experience

I recently went to GDC 2018, I did go last year to GDC 2017 but really as just an experience to get my feet wet. But this year was radically different than last year at GDC, it was the first year I went with actual friends rather than on my own. These friends of mine weren't as prepared as I was for networking events or the convention itself. But that is fine, I could do pretty much the same thing I did last year on Linkedin which is probably less effective than in person. I feel the important part of the trip was making close and personal relationships with not only my friends but also random strangers. So although I didn't make as many big contracts than last year from major studios, I did make much closer and deeper relationships with a few students/aspiring game folks.

One Big Crazy Semester

I've been busy, very busy, putting the final touches on not only Trail Runner but also restarting and re-designing toasted.  I'm Putting %110 into that game, I know that when I'm done coding it and all of the art is finally implemented, it will be like no other. Also, because of this, I haven't been blogging since Late January. But, now that thing are winding down, I plan on continuing the blogging process

Getting in the grove

I'm Back in Chicago! Horray! Updates are going to be much shorter now that I'm not only back in school but also working on a new project with my team. The current working title is crash and I have already made a playable prototype of the game. I am also working on my VR game but on the side. Hopefully, all my hard work and experience will pay off this semester and beyond. 

Finishing Up VR Contoller

After a couple week of working on my Vr project every night after my full-time job, I think I finally got the character controller working the way I want it. The game is a mech piloting game similar to steel battalion (without the massive amounts of buttons and levers). The player's motion controller hands are mimicked and scaled to that of a giant robot.  There are also two levers that are stationed near the head that function as movement nodes. These are the main functions of the character controller that I spent a two weeks programming. Working on the character controller is what I anticipated to be the hardest part of making the game, which is why I focused so much time on starting it. But knowing the way games are made, these controls are subject to change. I might add or subtract features depending on feedback and my own deduction. And this project may not end up being fully made, but I think that's ok. Because of this, I learned valuable skills in making VR games as well as Unreal game. But obviously, I want this project to go places and I think It can if done right. Which I feel it is being done right so far. 

Diving deep in VR

I am now putting all of my effort to learn about VR as well as more about Unreal Engine, both subjects that I have little knowledge about. This early Christmas, A Vive Vr headset was for sale at my local Microsoft store, this along with recent funding from family allowed me to purchase a set. When I first tired my VR set I was convinced that this is the next step for video games. The only technical barriers that need to be dealt with is portability and accessibility. My VR set is wired to a computer, all most all high-quality ones are which obviously makes it difficult to navigate the world. This along with the massive price tag of getting both a compatible computer and the set itself places it far from the commonality of consoles.

So far it is going smoothly, it seems like making games for VR is similar to making games for a console. As in you map movements to buttons, and think about how the player will interact with the physical hardware itself which I have found great success in.  Now all that's left is to learn more about Unreal Engine and its blueprint scripting system which appears to be a rising trend similar to Amazon's Lumberyard. Anyhow, that's my progress and thoughts for this week. 

Thoughts About my first steps

I am a little bit scared, but exited at the same time. I am now going to start applying for jobs in the Los Angles, Orange County, and Chicago areas. I know I will be rejected many many many many many time, And I wouldn't have it any other way. Because I really want to work in this industry and work with amazing individuals. With that it seems that Ill need to fail, a lot, in order to get where I want to be and learn from my failures and short comings. Anyway, Those are my thoughts for this week.