Game Journal

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Candy Crush Analysis:


What platform is used to play the game?

Mobile Phones or Computers

What is the objective of the game?

Match three like candies in order to reach a target score, there is also the intensive to go beyond the target score through star rankings.  

What three things do you like about the game?

The color pallet of the game is really appealing and makes the player feel good about themselves. The simplicity of the game is great too, it is a game that anyone of any skill level can pick up and instantly master. The sounds it makes when the player matches three of a kind is good because its a satisfying sound that can also build up the more a player matches,

What three things did you not like about the game?

The pace of the game varies greatly if the player is playing for total completion, it is either really fast or really slow and frustrating. The music is also extremely repetitive, the same soundtrack is on a loop throughout every single level. It is also a pay to win game, which creates a progression wall that can only be crossed by buying your way through. 

List three reasons why you think this game is popular and successful.

It is incredibly simple and easy to pickup, perfect for people who want a game experience but don't have the time to commit to an extreme game experience. It has a lively and colorful tone, this pallet is universally appealing to a general audience and is what makes the player want to spend more time playing. The game has a great sense of accomplishment and achievement, the colorful visuals and satisfying sounds make each combo makes the player feel like they accomplished something great. 

Based on your own observations, create a written plan for modifying the game.

I think instead of the game being on a linear track, perhaps it can be a randomly generated course that the player can choose. The player will choose the difficulty, game mode, and how big they want the layout to be. This will completely change how the game is played and the main objectives that the player is presented with. I would make a minor improvement by creating less of a pay progression wall, but charge 99 cent to play the game. The micro transactions can still be within the game but it won't be required to progress further without frustration. The original development team may not like these ideas because. The whole idea of the game is that it gets progressively harder and harder, sort of a seance of progress for the player. My re-writing of the main goal would completely trash that main idea. The scene of progression is what makes the pay to win method work because it gives the player intensive to keep going. My idea would again make the whole money flow irreverent and make the player not want to pay. The 99 cent paywall might turn people way versus a game that is actually free and needs no payment. Players may like the new changes for several reasons. Players would be less frustrated with the progression of the game knowing that they don't need to pay in order to play to completion. The randomization would allow any players of any skill level to play at any time without the thought of running progress of using up energy. The game will never get old and the players wont see the same patters in game play over and over again. These ideas may be a challenge to complete because of a few reasons. This structure of game play may not make as much money as the old method and thus would be difficult to keep funding. Also, there appears to be a set lore and story to the game which a randomization method would make irrelevant. Also, the amount of work to change the format would take way to long to change from the main game or even as an addition.


 Plasticine Analysis


UI Example.jpg

User interface design

Match the hole in the wall with the shape on the side 

The game only has three buttons: one, two, and three. Each button corresponds to a shape on the side, which change each time a person goes through a hole. There is no menu button or pause button, the only way to get to the menu is to lose. Other modes that could be available is a relaxed mode where the game is consistently slow and allows for players to play at their comfort. My main issue with the game is that the difficulty accelerates at an alarming rate, I only passed through five holes and I already consider it extreamly difficult. 


Blueprint Tutorial

Through these YouTube tutorials, I learned the basics of the blueprint programming system. It taught specifically the basic idea of using blue prints to turn on a light. Aside from turning on light, blueprints could also be used to trigger enemy spawns and win scenarios. Non trigger based blueprint idea and something that I wanted to play around with but never got the opportunity would be to use the media player to make a FMV game by using button keys at certain points to make decisions. The first tutorial taught me the basics of the blue prints and the differences between class and object blue prints. The second tutorial taught me how to keep a light on, while the third one taught me how to toggle it in a sense make it more binary, either on or off via a collider. The fourth video taught me about the class blue print system and its multiplicity. The fifth video taught me basic asset manipulation on classes and the sixth one taught me how to manipulate the blueprints of classes. The seventh tutorial taught me about input additions to classes. The eight tutorial video taught me about the construction script which allows for updates/changes for certain blueprints. The final tutorial taught us about expanding the lessons to other uses such as triggering paritcle effects. 


Rough Brain Mapping For FPS Capstone v1

Brain Mapping.png

First Person Shooter Brain Mapping For Midterm


Simple GDD to build upon For Final Project

Genre: Mock Police Academy shooting town

Type: First Person Shooter

Challenges: Find and shoot all of the criminals within three seconds of finding them in the immediate area

Basic Rules: Shoot the bad guys not the civilians. 


Single Button Game Gameplay ideas

Simple Jumping game I.E Super Mario Run

Except it is a platformer and the distance is determined by the amount of pressure pushed on the button.

Time will slow down when the button and the character will change color as well from green, to orange, to red.

The jumping distance and arc will increase at the rate of 1 meter per second.

The camera changes multiple times and has random roadblock obstacles along the path.

There is a scoring system depending on how long the player is consistently moving.

Checkpoints appear along the path that also gives rewards and is an optional restart point if the player fails.

When the player misses a jump or is hit, there will be a ten-second timer to revive the player for some in game currency that they would need to buy there either on the spot or ahead of time in the menu.

The in game currency would also give the player the ability to buy power ups to give them an edge in game.

Story is not present in the game and will possibly ruin the experience the player has playing the game itself.